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Tree removal can be a necessary evil that comes with owning property.

It can be tough to find a good tree service in Anaheim, CA because there are so many companies and they all advertise the same thing. You want to make sure you choose someone who’s licensed and insured so you don’t have any liabilities or issues later on down the road.

Our company specializes in tree removal services for both commercial properties and residential trees. Regardless of the size, we have the equipment, team, and expertise to handle any job quickly and safely. We’re fully licensed, bonded, and insured so our customers know they’re getting quality workmanship from beginning to end! Call 714-844-6014 today for your free estimate!

Do you need a tree removed in Orange County?

This can be an overwhelming process. It’s disruptive to both your property and possibly those around it too, as there are many steps required from taking the tree down all the way through debris disposal. But don’t worry – we’re here for you when that time comes!

Here at Anaheim Tree Service Co make tree removal easy for you. We take down trees using the safest technique using modern equipment to ensure efficiency. We clean up the area before we leave, making it more convenient for our customers.

There is no need to search for “tree removal companies near me” if you are in Anaheim, California, you are on the right page! We have been Anaheim’s residential and commercial tree experts for years. Our experience and knowledge give us the advantage of understanding every trees’ needs in the region.

Call us today at 714-844-6014 and we will be glad to assist you with a free quotation.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How much tree removal cost?

Each tree condition is unique. Thus the cost of tree removal varies from each tree’s situation as well. The usual factor affecting the cost is how risky the job is. We assess the tree by evaluating the tree’s condition, the height, the location, and the accessibility of the surrounding area. You can discuss this with us and our team will be glad to assist you with a free on-site estimate. 

Do you need a permit for tree removal?

There are some instances that a permit will be required. When you hire us, we will provide guidance and help make sure all the necessary paperwork is in place to protect you from any violations. Anaheim Tree Service is licensed and insured and respects city and state rules and regulations. 

In what situations should I consider tree removal?

  • When You Have a Damaged or Leaning Tree

We have done tree removal when a tree has sustained significant damage to its major branches or it’s leaning to the point it is at risk of being unable to support itself. In these cases, removing a tree can be critical to protecting both people and property from the risk of major damage. If a tree is on your property, you are going to be held responsible for any injury or damage caused to others. And we probably don’t need to remind you how quickly people will reach out to a lawyer to file a lawsuit for damages.

  • A Fallen Tree

Storms, heavy rainfall, and accidents that cause impact to the tree are the most common reasons for trees to fall. We are the pros at handling tree removal in disaster situations. And we know how to operate quickly and safely to fix the situation.

  • Infested or Infected Trees

There are times that a tree is overruled by pests or disease, and can no longer be saved even with our tree expert maintenance. When this happens, there is no other option but tree removal. We can remove infested and infected trees for the benefit of other plants and trees around them. This will protect nearby trees and plants from catching the same problem.

  • Increasing the Value of Your Property

Trees add value to the property, but if you have a tree that is not well maintained or in an awkward or hazardous position then it can hurt your property’s value. They can make your property less appealing thus lowers its price. We have seen owners who manage to attract clients and sell their properties at a better rate after their landscape is improved because of our first class tree removal services.

  • Property Renovation 

We have removed trees at the request of our clients because they needed renovation. They require the space that the tree is taking for a new project. This has helped them start the plan timely because of our fast action services. 

Anaheim Tree Removal

Tree services are one of the most dangerous jobs in the USA. Anaheim Tree Service is your local tree removal company in Anaheim, California for many years. We are confident with our experience and skilled team, applying only the best and safest practice for every tree removal.

When you need tree removal in Orange County, give us a call  at 714-844-6014 for more information and a free quote.